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This tile is from Newbies 6: The Childrens' Breakfast Cereal

Comment: Brrr... don't kill me!!! Strange desise!
Checked out at: December 28, 2001
Checked in at: December 28, 2001
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I like it. --- It scares me, but i like it!
Re: ;)
Thnx! :) )
Hard to blend :/
That was my 2nd tile (directly underneath this, and how was i supposed to know what i'm blending into. Like some girls ass with paint on iT? or something ;). It ended up looking like a terrible transition. not too shocking but not that good either :/
Re: Hard to blend :/
Sure... it's very easy to bland black picture! But I think the main point of Newbies is to blend any picture good. It's not good that you did no blend - it was the only reason i didn't give you a lot of points....
And i don't think that it's too hard to blend... Next time try to blend any picture.
Best wishes!