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This tile is from Attack of the 50 Foot Mainquilter!

Comment: belch
Checked out at: November 06, 2001
Checked in at: November 06, 2001
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I'm going to take away your smudge tool, Eddie.. bad Ed. You are using it for the purposes of evil! I would've given it a five since it somehow ended up going so well over here if it didn't have that silly smudge mark, you silly old man.
SMUDGE TOOL? Jeeezz, the whole damned thing was aped, UNTOUCHED, from a photo! I swear, I threw my smudge tool out, as soon as I got my scanner hooked up! Don't you read National Geographic? In retrospect, I should have left the top of this tile alone and not "smeared" it as I did and after looking at the work that you did on the lower border, I 'm saving you the trouble here and kicking my own ass! Well, hopefully, the guys and girls at the home office will throw another quilt together and hang one out here soon, because there are a lot of hungry contenders out here, that are just wetting down their tablets and wiping off their monitors, waiting to go. Thanks for all that you have done in picking up the olive branch that might have fallen over one of your tiles and to speak for myself, I feel better than ever, about coming to the nicest tile market in the world! I'll see you in the work...Fond wishes and sincere thanks, Eddie M.
Re: Huh?
You're a weird guy.