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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: Troll
Checked out at: October 05, 2001
Checked in at: October 06, 2001
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this tile is really cool.
Re: ... Gee, thanks........
This is the hole in the quilt. If you study this tile, you might see the troll under the natural bridge. I still remember wrestling with this tile and wanting to give the tile a sense of appeal, yet having no true inspiration at the time that I started. Like all of my efforts, I submitted it in the hope that it might please someone and at this late date, I am honored that this someone was been you as it's sole commentator. You have become my favorite artist out here because you are dedicated to quality and yet dedicated to humanity. There were often times when you waived the asskicking that I deserved and settled for encouragement. Ever thankful was I, that you did not find me as offensive as others have found me to be and while Gecko held me up as an example, to my own disdain, you found time to redeem me. I have lost my initial taste for the argumentative side of correspondence here and I have become a much more acceptable person at ice.org since I began to understand that one need not sacrifice compassion and understanding to affect change within their peers and thus came to appreciate your wholesome outlook. It has been your example that has done much in turning my heart as well as sharpening up my skills. Thank you Osk, for being who you are... Eddie Martin