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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: social aquarium
Checked out at: September 22, 2001
Checked in at: September 22, 2001
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Dear Me.
I like this tile, but I don't think I put sufficient effort into it.
I liked the texture to the left, thanks to Eddie. That is the space ship from my comic, Ken's World (unpublished, private collection), any resemblence to any other vehicular transport is purely coicidental. It did blend well, tho I'd say and gave enough variety to the edges to spark creativity in someone elses tiles. The face just appeared, I think to fill a gap in the composition.

Wait a minute here!
Hey Ken, are you absolutely sure that the transport vehicle ISN'T, Ringo's Yellow submarine? Hummmm.............. Eddie M.
No, you just wait a minute!
Just a pure coincidence, you see ... the yellow submarine, that you have mistaken it for, has 8 portholes on each side, four periscopes, a rudder, has red stripes, and a variety of other features which definately segregate this space craft from any previously construed vehicle, as the such you mentioned.
As well, it never housed any Beatles, just the odd mutant cockroach or two.