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This tile is from The railroad quilt (Ruled Quilt)

Comment: ...33 Days Till Slothy's Bi...
By: gecko
Checked out at: August 24, 2001
Checked in at: August 24, 2001
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33 days
Hahaha cool x) I was thinking of: 33 laps left
Re: 33 days
I thought it would be connected to a biplane with some message tailing the end of it.. like one of those planes that flies around beaches. :D
Maybe it's just me but
Does anyone else find the way this tile title is abbreviated in the active conversations list amusing? "33 days til slothy's bi"
Re: Maybe it's just me but
is he having a coming out party or something? :)
Re: Maybe it's just me but
Doh! Guess I wasn't paying attention when I made the title... I thought for a few minutes whether or not to put the R on but in the end decided not to... Sorry Slothy. rofl