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This tile is from The railroad quilt (Ruled Quilt)

Comment: lightning.. just hope it didn't hit the train!!
By: ize
Checked out at: August 26, 2001
Checked in at: August 26, 2001
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Blending on the left is kind of funky...
Re: :/
I meant to write right... *shakes her head* How the heck did I write left?
Re: Re: :/
Yea, I realized that after I checked the tile in... the problem 'could' be my gamma settings.. im not sure tho, my tile is a tad darker than yours.. I think the blend was ok when I drew it.. but hmm I dunno...
Re: Re: :/
just came to realize that that steam can't continue forever? :) perhaps a more lame excuse for that somewhat poor blend....... :P