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This tile is from Going on a Train Ride [Flash Interface]

Comment: I have no idea
Checked out at: August 08, 2001
Checked in at: August 08, 2001
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I got the tile next to yours darkmage...they're going to look really good together :) definately a 5

retsy :)
Re: nice!!!
In the name of Cthulhu, I command you to take your mighty penbrush and strike upon all the lameness in the world with glorious artwork...%$^3...ave to be made our absolute masters, the power t..... SYSTEM HALTED
Re: Re: nice!!!
Uhum VeeRaw, I might be really late to say this, but that's a REALLY REALLY whack post...
Re: Re: Re: nice!!!
what do you mean, a whack post?..
BTW, I don't actually think this post was intended for this particular tile... Or who cares.