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This tile is from Surrender your pen! (War theme)

Comment: big crater..thing.
Checked out at: July 18, 2001
Checked in at: July 18, 2001
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Very nice,
a four sider done with splendour.

Kapow, kapow!
Could have been a fiver,..
But I see some difference in gamma levels between a few areas of the blending... Hmm.. I still think it's worth about 4.8 or something so I'll vote a five anyway any guess that it ends up around 4.8 anyway =) ...
Re: Could have been a fiver,..
Actually, if you cover up the top part of the tile above with your hand and only show the 16 pixels that were in the shown in the original tile, it looks flawless. The color change on the plane's wing on the tile above this one is a little odd.
glad you guys like it, sorry about the gamma not being right in some areas!! ;D
now that its in with the surrounding tiles i wish i'd made it sharper.. it looks fuzzy compared to the full neighboring ones. and yea, that wing is a bit discolored, i didnt have any of the saturated orange in the border though :\ just think of it as the light from the burning flame...hehe :)