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This tile is from Surrender your pen! (War theme)

Comment: Oh, oh thank God for the differential between gravitational accelaration and air resistance.
Checked out at: July 12, 2001
Checked in at: July 12, 2001
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bwahahha :) fits nicely with the tile below it, lets hope that whoever gets the tile above makes a parachute for him :D
Re: nice!
yeah wow!, how did you figure out that my plane was dropping parachuters and not bombs? or was it just a fluke? :)
Re: Re: nice!
He drew a bomb and a parachute, so he was covered either way. :)
Re: Re: nice!
Heh heh.

Odd thing is, I thought your plane WAS dropping bombs,
I just thought it'd be funny (well, moreso how it would suck ass) if you had to eject on a bomb raid.

Glad it werked out like it did,
and hopefully he'll have a parachute by the time the quilt's over,
otherwise that bomb'll be the least of his worries.

Re: Re: Re: nice!
Now you have the chance to create the parachute too... =) ... let's see if you screw it up and has to say "dooooh" to yourself, or already have said "hmm, maybe this is the lines to the parachute" ... or maybe you read this message before you check it in? ... =)
Re: Re: Re: Re: nice!
I hadn't read this,
and at first was thinking about things to do with wires,
then suddenly,,

it hit me.
It's my parachute ropes! heh.

Both me and KirbyUFO seem very intent on slaughtering my poor innocent paratrooper.

SHould look good.

Dogmatix Man
Great work!
The comment clinches it :)