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This tile is from Pixel Kebab

Comment: Bwah haha! Blow up the golf course! haha! (Insert more laughter here.)
By: Fydo
Checked out at: July 11, 2001
Checked in at: July 11, 2001
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My first Pixel Kebab Tile
Heya, I hope the level of quality in this tile is high enough for this quilt :)
Theres a *LOT* of amazing tiles on this quilt, I can only hope to pale in comparison to them :)

I could tell by the borders of my tile where I was gonna be placed (right by the golfing tile to the upper left) so this is what I decided to do my tile on :)

I hope you like it! my seventh tile, but third visible one.

Re: My first Pixel Kebab Tile
The smiley watching TV is by far more beatufil than this one... But this one is ok...

Re: My first Pixel Kebab Tile
Yeah, I think this one isn't bad,
but you should make more of a concentrated effort to include in your image what the other artist's have fed to you,
instead of drawing something unrelated and trimming it with a 'finishing off' of what ever you were handed at the border,

Heh, I like your smiley watching TV too.

Re: Re: My first Pixel Kebab Tile
I agree, I probably should have made the cloud thingies billow into the middle of the tile a bit more, it kind of looks empty to tell ya the truth. :)
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll keep it in mind during my next tiles.