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Comment: A clutch of dragon eggs - about to hatch
By: Kim
Checked out at: July 11, 2001
Checked in at: July 12, 2001
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I did a dragon one down, two to the right=) ...
I "%LOVE"&* the way these eggs are drawn!!!

gave you a 4...
mazzzels, tha zeno
Re: Eggzzz
Why thank ye kindly.

If you're interested in the technique... I discovered the weird brush shapes at the bottom of the list in Photoshop 6. I was wanting a nice speckledy look that was mabe a lit leathery looking rather than shiny smooth.

So first I coloured in each egg in flat colour. Used dodge and burn to do the shading. Used a regular thin brush to grab bits of light and dark and made it a bit streaky (like the bit to the left that I was working from). Then used the spotty brush to break up the colour more and introduce a few new shades. I think I used dodge and burn again at the end so i didn't lose my shadow effects. Then I burnt in under my eggs so they didn't look like they were floating.

And that completes "How to draw dragon eggs - 101" with Professor Kim