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Comment: Polkaroo!
Checked out at: July 09, 2001
Checked in at: July 10, 2001
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not appealing to me...
I generally like your work max, the work you've done so far for surrender your pen is awesome... however, personally I think this tile doesn't really cut it... don't know why but it's not appealing to me... maybe it's the big areas of the same color? I'm not sure.... I'm gonna give it a 3...
Re: not appealing to me...

I kind of like this one,
even though I did it a while ago.

'Cept now I'd make his light/dark shading less fuzzy, harder edged.

I was handed a patch of same colour so I thought I'd experiment by continuing it on.

You win some, you lose the rest. heh.

Re: not appealing to me...

I just realized I said 'i did this one a while ago.'
Yet, I've only been doing this tiling thing for about two weeks. Heh.

But in a conceptual/learning sense it feelz like eons. I've learnt so much about photoshop in the last little while. It's great. This tiling biz forces you to jammy with tools, options and pixel-by-pixel texturing that I've never had to do before. It's super swell.

And yea Primal, I do think my 'surrender you pen' tiles are much more refined. I can't wait until that quilt starts to flesh out more.