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This tile is from Pixel Kebab

Comment: an ancient carving of IRVING.
By: jazpur
Checked out at: July 10, 2001
Checked in at: July 10, 2001
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Is it just me
or is this not blended AT ALL?

the succes of this tile
depends completely on the blending. it is not that bad, but i guess we'll have
to wait.
Re: the succes of this tile
I just made a screengrab and manually checked how well it was blended with the given worksheet... the only thing that was anywhere close to blending was one of the contours at the bottom that continued (thoe in the wrong color) in the general same direction...
surrounding tiles
You probably shouldn't judge a tile until you can see it in its context. The surrounding tiles are rendered yet, wait until they are and then you can score it on how well it blends with the rest of the quilt.
Re: surrounding tiles
you can tell,
by imposing the piece that he got to work with originally onto his finished piece,
and by god this doesn't blend at all.