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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: Spider Launcher! whee
Checked out at: July 11, 2001
Checked in at: July 11, 2001
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I'm not quite sure what it is...
It kinda fits into the quilt, but then it's molstly just a bunch of blurring from one side into the other, and uses elements from elswhere in the quilt (which would not be so bad if it didn't look like a cut'n'paste job - if i'm wrong, i apologize).

But like I said. It fits in pretty well.

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Re: I'm not quite sure what it is...
I cut and pasted that white border to make it easier for the tile above me to finish off the concrete part so that it plends better with the rest of the Quilt.

Sorry if i offended anyone by using a piece of their work
Ah,.. I tought it looked really cool
Why did you blend the sidewalk on the right into sand(?) and then back to gray?
Re: blending
It's a side walk.... then theres a beach with sand blowing on the sidewalk... then ther is water washing onto the beach... do you see it??? and there is a tree on the beach.. the laucher is just to accomodate the spining spider thing to the left...