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By: alex
Checked out at: July 04, 2001
Checked in at: July 04, 2001
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blending good! do something with your fellow tiles, not half-ignore them.
Re: blending
I thought that's what I did- I continued with the red lines, turning them into streaks of blood (or something like that) and continued with the grey column. There weren't any other fellow tiles to do anything with- only the one above mine.
Re: Re: blending
I think the theory is that you would do something with the grey column. its pretty ambigious so there is alot that could happen. As for the red lines I do agree that you didn't have much to work with and the only way you would get decent results would be to airbrush things by hand and try really hard to blend them (not always fun).

I think the paramount thing that *must* be rembered here is blending. Theoretically I should not be able to tell where one tile begins and another ends. Your work is not an island in a sea of madness, it is part of a large tapisty woven by many hands. The only way it will stay together is by strong teamwork....