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Comment: I'm stoned... (it's six in the morning and I'm starting to brake free)
Checked out at: July 03, 2001
Checked in at: July 04, 2001
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quick tip
When you draw that wrinkles and stuff, try following the face lines,
don't place them randomly. It'll make it look complex and professional.

Nice job, though.
Re: quick tip
Thanxs for the tip,... it wasn't wrinkles thoe - it was supposed to be cracks in a stone-face... doesn't matter much thoe, it's just in the newbie-section, right? =)
So much for the cyclops snake
I had the tile right below this one, and I thought the chin of your stoned dude looked like it might be the head of a cyclops snake. That was my first tile and my first attempt at photoshop drawing so it ended up looking sort of like a muppet! :P Woops. I like the way the red became a happy little carpet though...