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Comment: ummm hope it goes ok, not much 2 go on :(
Checked out at: June 28, 2001
Checked in at: June 28, 2001
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Well !!
In looking this tile, I was wondering... why in earth this thing with the brush is in the tile? I find this does not look well... Perhaps in having done a little work in this cloud of pixel could have given a better experience.

I am also a newbie in tiles, so I won't go too deep ! ;-D lol ! I hope to do as good as him for my tile !!!! ehehehhe
Re: Well !!
yeah, i know and ur rite... problem is i have not graphical editor like photoshop ( i can't afford it or find a copy) so im stuck usin dodgy ones... i wos told to get "gimp" which i did, but that wos SO comulated i just gave up in the end. do u know ne that i mite b able 2 use???

cheers Dj$m1|3y.
..I didn't think you added anything much to this quilt.. and you really made it clash.. and didn't do a whole lot with what you got (even though it may seem really hard to have done anything with it, after a little playing, you can find something.

By the way.. The GIMP is a great program for this.. I use for my tiles. And it's really not much harder to use than Photoshop.. they're very similar.. they just need some getting used to.
Re: Style
and theres one little problem along the lines of the other prog's nothing will run on my comp, as its 2 slow, i b upgreadin and im doin graphic design on comps in collage soon as well, meanin maybe it will get a little better....
Hopefully some constructive criticism.
Having an expensive program like Photoshop is certainly no reason to vote a tile low, and that's not why I did so with this one. I did so mainly because the tile you were given, while it didn't give you a lot to go on, didn't give a hint of bright primary colors. This tile is bright. Really bright. Bright primaries can be good sometimes, but they don't really go with what you were given.
hi djsmiley,

i recommend you get yourself a good graphics program... you can download macromedia fireworks or freehand for free off of macromedia.com for a free 30 day trial and you can download paint shop pro for free too off of download.com

even then, being limited to microsoft paint does not make it impossible for you to create a bad tile... you just have to push paint to its limits. several years ago when i had no access to photoshop or fireworks, i used paint and made some pretty cool stuff with it: http://members.nbci.com/pearlgrrl/ev8.gif and http://members.nbci.com/pearlgrrl/ed5.gif ...if you look here http://www.sonymusic.com/artists/PearlJam/fanscene/pjart.html
you can see that they were featured on pearl jam's official website....

i think your main problem, djsmiley, is that you are not spending enough time on your tiles. force yourself to spend at least two hours on the next tile that you make, and if you have to use microsoft paint then zoom in on the image as far in as you can and continually zoom out to check on the overall look. make sure that your tile lines up perfectly with the pieces of other tiles that you are given; in many of your tiles i can clearly see the line that delinates your tile from the next tile. this isn't good and will most assurdedly earn you a low score.

good luck, and i look forward too seeing improvements in your tiles! :-)