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Comment: my 2nd... a half yinyang, with a laser ripping through and some receiver below, coupled with a funky background
Checked out at: June 21, 2001
Checked in at: June 22, 2001
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Why did you suddenly make the green into black and the light blue into white?

Re: blending
Could be a monitor problem.
Re: blending
I had 2 colored plains, both halfway the upper border, so I came up with the idea that it was a yin-yang crossection :)

Yinyangs are typically black and white, so I decided to blend them into that... Gotta admit, there is little blending, but if you check carefully (zoom in ;)) you'll notice that SOME blending has been done :)
Re: Re: blending
I think the concept of blending is more about making it fit in with the scheme of the pictures around it, not necessarially actual pixel blending (or in this case shading). However, the true test will be when some of these tiles FINALLY get revealed.
Re: Re: Re: blending
Yes, you got a point...

Oh well, a lesson learned :)
Red/Yellow Laser
I hope you don't mind, I diverted your laser to go to
some other direction than what you intended.
Re: Red/Yellow Laser
i don't mind :)
More on blending..
By blending, you really should make use of the elements you're given.. your general idea isn' all that bad, but if you'd used the light blue and green more as a part of the yin yang, the effect would have been much better, I think.
yeah right
"A negative score punishes the artist -- it would have been better if they had never done the tile at all."

Score: -0.6

Sorry to say so, but i think this is unfair. Okay, the color blending is a little small, but i used the 50/50% element well. Does that make this tile - on, mind, a newbie quilt - so bad it shouldn't have been done? I spend a lot of time on it, I think it looks a lot better than some others and it gives the other 2 tiles beside it some nice elements to draw more.

Frankly, i think that work does not deserve to 'haven't been done at all'. But that's just my opinion.
Re: yeah right
I wonder who is giving me those -5s.... Anyone bearing a grudge?