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This tile is from The Incredible Machine (Invite Only)

Comment: Tubes? What tubes? Hey, Joey! Look at the tubes...
Checked out at: May 28, 2001
Checked in at: May 29, 2001
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Re: 5
I agree that it's nice, but gave it a 4, because i think it's a bit dark, and because i think those cables at the top right will be difficult to blend for the tile to the righ, considering the tile to the top right where they are headed has already been checked in at the time and probably doesn't have them.
Re: Re: 5
You can tell by the orignal tile that the tile to the right was not checked out at the time. BTW: I peeked and the person to the right of this tile blended the tubes perfectly!
Re: Re: Re: 5
that would be me :)
The tubes really weren't that difficult to blend.
Re: Re: 5
As for the darkness, I tried to make it less dark near the bottom of the tile....but a lot of the darkness is because I was blending with the tile above me and the fifteen pixel strip was fairly darkish....

The title for this tile is from one of my favourite George Carlin skits, btw. In case you wondered...hehe.