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Comment: Road to heaven
Checked out at: May 05, 2001
Checked in at: May 06, 2001
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Looks like people took quite a liking to this tile.

But I don't think that it deserves a 4 rating so I'm giving it a -5.
Re: Axeman
I don't care your useless opinion

@# ]:|
Re: Axeman
That's a fine misuse of the voting system there Beefy. Of course your opinion is much more important than everyone else's so go for it.
Re: Re: Axeman
Cool, glad to see you've come around.

It's funny, cuz I used to think you were a complete dipshit, but now I see you've come to your senses.

I still think it's sad, however, that your tastes define that you defend the work of our Mr.R here. But I guess your road to recovery is a long one, and I shouldn't expect so much of you so soon.

I will continue to give this guy -5's until he produces something worthwhile. It's my understanding that the whole voting system was implemented so that bad tileists could be kept away from the quilts. I don't see how voting low for a bad artist is a misuse of that system, but I've tried to follow Root88's logic before and ended up with a headache....
Re: Re: Re: Axeman
First, I never defended this tile.

You don't think this tile deserves a -5, but you vote a -5 so the score will be what you think it should be, which in effect cancels out many users votes.

I used to somewhat care about voting, but it means nothing now because jerks like you just make multiple account and hand out -5's to whoever you dislike because you are 8 years old and have nothing better to do.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Axeman
no you didn't