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This tile is from Mainquilters Unite!

Comment: experimental tile: can be positioned anywhere
Checked out at: April 21, 2001
Checked in at: April 21, 2001
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sweet =) so it was a mountain i was blending into...
Re: _
What I was trying to do was create a tile that I could place anywhere with just a little bit of continuation of the surrounding tiles. Unfortunately I only had one tile to work with, so had to generate some noise/pattern/colours on the sides and bottom, continued the top down a bit, and placed tile pic on top.

I don't think it worked very well, and it probably made it difficult for the surrounding tiles. It is meant to work with a tile where all four surrounding tiles have already been completed. Maybe next attempt will be better.
This one
should probably be scrapped. [Slothy: if you agree, do your thing]
Re: This one
eh, this coulda been a really nice tile if you just took the time to blend that brownish dirt (sand?) above. I don't see why you added extra crazy colors around the edges either.
Re: Re: This one
those look kinda cheap...but inspired me to do a reflective ocean thingie under his tile...so its all good =)