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This tile is from Mainquilters Unite!

Comment: i'm sorry i suck so bad :(
Checked out at: April 21, 2001
Checked in at: April 22, 2001
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Not bad at all...
I like it. It works really well with Valacar's tile beneathe it, and crowns off the entire left side very nicely. Just work on getting your blends a little more precise. I think it's great.
Re: Not bad at all...
I agree with Tin Troung...worked out really well with mine.
Not at all
I agree with what others have said; this is a very nice tile. it blends well, which is *my* first criterion, anyway.

Although I *do* hold you responsible for being the source of that evil yellow. =) I think I cut it off just in time, in my tile above and to the right.
Mystery User Number 9
Re: Not at all
hah.. thanks guys. :) maybe i can just be consistent with blend pieces (not much going on but ties the pieces together :) ).. and sorry about the yellow. ;) orange and yellow are my favorite colors. :D

Mystery User Number 9
Re: It doesn't fit with the one above...
yeah.. it's not my fault. :) the guy above me had to blend with me, i only had to blend below..