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Comment: Simple Beauty of Space
Checked out at: April 18, 2001
Checked in at: April 18, 2001
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Well hmm what can I say
Dont think it came out all that bad, although the border colors are a little off, that I apologize for, dont know exactly what happened. Thought I had it right, but was a few shades off. I'm still learning guys so please, bear with me. But ya gotta admit, its better than my first one *grin*
Re: Well hmm what can I say
tip: try to use as much colours (in this case shades of gray) of your neighbouring tile into your own tile. and yes it does look better than your first :)

keep quilting! and remember learn, speak and have fun with your tiles.
Will do, thanks for the tip. I havent greatly mastered the art of blending colors perfectly, it always ends up looking kind of off, but that is something I will work on. Thanks again.