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Comment: Work, blek, will do much better next time, promise =)
Checked out at: April 13, 2001
Checked in at: April 13, 2001
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Sorry For.
Well this was my first tile, and I realize it, well, sucks. But I really just started out in computer art, but wanted to give it a shot nonetheless. I also apologize for the poor drawing of the head and pants, that is something I will have to work on a bit. But overall this was basically a first shot at a tile, and I wanted to convey my feelings at the time in the tile. I will do better next time, promise. =)
Above Post.
Meant to be posted by me, LANkrypt0, but unfortunately my girlfriend, yet again, didnt log herself out and I posted assuming it was under my name. My apologies. Just consider yourself lucky she didnt make a tile yet, *grin*.
I didnt break my promise
I do'nt think its that horrible, true I did mess up a tad on the border colors, but honestly I do not know what happened, it looked fine at work, but when I came home and looked at it on my monitor I realized it was a few shades off. But overall I dont think my last attempt was a disaster. I am still trying to learn here and I welcome all constructive criticism, anything that can help me along would be greatly appreciative.
Re: I didnt break my promise
Don't you listen to that nasty =P I don't like one-line put downs like that.

LANkrypt0-J, I think your second tiles was substantially better and I suggest that you keep plugging away at it =)

When blending, you might want to use the eye dropper tool to sample the color from what you're blending rather than thinking it's black and just using black. I like the eye dropper tool better, anyway, since it's a bit faster for me =)
nessa -
Thanks I tried doing that, but the problem, I think was, that here at work the monitors suck and it all basically looked the same color, so I used the eyedropper and got a portion that was lighter than the rest, thus causing the error with the background. Ill just have to shut off the lights here at work to make the display a little better *heh* but thanks for the advice. I also have one more coming (when that last tile is finished off, it will come into view) So it will be nice to see what you think of that one. Again thanks for the advice.