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Comment: Ahhh, tornado!
By: jamiem
Checked out at: April 19, 2001
Checked in at: April 19, 2001
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Ahhh, how *could* you?!
My cartoony clouds... my pretty cartoony clouds... what happened? =(

-the girl to the right of you
Beautiful Tornado
I can't help but wonder if the right edge got ignored a little because Jamie's monitor isn't calibrated (a professional graphics artist without a calibrated monitor, you say? Hey, it happens. But you can make fun of him for it). I'm guessing his monitor's not bright enough, so he didn't catch the details there. Don't punish him for that, at least not until he replies. :)
OK, yup. My monitor is calibrated. Rather well, in fact. The reason I couldn't actually see the edge, and why this tile is rather embarassing, is because I drew it during the day with light streaming in my window while I sat on the phone on hold.

My appologies, all I saw was black and thought adding a tornado to that blackness would be cool and moody....