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By: nickel
Checked out at: October 02, 2003
Checked in at: October 02, 2003
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Why did you cut off all the colors that you were given? With the quilt only being one tile wide, it's going to look like 2 different pictures sitting next to eachother now.
Re: blanding
sorry. you can delete my tile if you want.
Re: Re: blanding
Not a big deal
Re: Re: Re: blanding
i really am sorry. i don't think i understood the rules of this quilt. i thought it was supposed to be a new pattern on every tile. at this point, my pattern has already been continued, so i guess its too late to fix it. i apologize to everybody. i wont do any more tiles on this quilt.
Re: Re: Re: Re: blanding
Maybe you can do a similar design on a portion of a tile somewhere lower on the quilt later. That might tie everything together. Just don't make it go all the way across this time and everything will be copasetic.