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Comment: Stars, are boobs.
Checked out at: April 12, 2001
Checked in at: April 12, 2001
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Good Morning Starshine.
For those who missed my first commentary on the hummingbird's anus...(that's the one with the earth below it), feel free to check out my own critique. As for this one...

Twit: This one has the feeling of being totall atmospheric.
Jack Ass: No shit. How could you tell? Would it be from the clouds and mountains that were used from the tile below? Ass.
Twit: I hate it when you interrupt me, you filthy bastard. Why don't you go down the girly bar and oggle at what you call real art.
Jack Ass: Don't mind if I do...Ass
Twit: Good. While he's away, let's just say that again, this tile was worked from only one side. It was not know whether or not the the tile would be on the fartherst right side of the quilt. It should be interesting to see what is down with the upper and left portions of the tile since some hints were left in those general areas. The general idea in this tile, definitely came from the hint that was given below it. The atmospheric hint was too overwhelming to pass up and it appears to have worked out well for the time being. These are just tiny steps into the world of tile quilting and should be followed by more adventuruos leaps into tiles that are already hinted at on more than one side.
Jack Ass: Shut up Ass and come over to the booby bar.
Twit: But...
Jack Ass: First Louis XIII is on me.
Twit: ...and that concludes this tile's reaction.
You are one weird dude
Simple and attractive tile. I like its very clean design. Keep it up.
Re: You are one weird dude
P.S. I don't even mind the lens flare! =)
Re: You are one weird dude
Regarding the title, that's from being partially insane and mainly working on auto-industry related design. If I ever hear the words "thinking out of the box" again...ugh...perhaps some time away from anything having to do with cars would make me normal again. Mmmm....probably not...as I'm sure MrScrappy would concede. Ah well...work has me out of town for the next 2 weeks...there will probably be a new quilt to work on then.

Til then, thanks for the support.
What Root88 said...

Almost typed Rott88. Now that woodn't have been good. Root-rot... Hehe!
You're not the best graphic artist 'round here,
Wait'll i tell everyone about this...
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Pathetic Morons.

Go back to Section 7G.

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