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Comment: Super Slothy!
Checked out at: April 11, 2001
Checked in at: April 11, 2001
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l33t skillz
While I firmly believe that video games attained perfection in 1989 with Super Mario Brothers 3 (its a scientific fact), do you think screen capture art was really the way to go here? Unless, of course, you were actually a designer for Nintendo, in which case there is a good chance I would be chanting and sacrificing small woodland creatures to an altar built in your honor.
Considering the group of cynical, critical beasts that this piece is at the mercy of, however, there is a better chance that you will be sacraficed to please the bloodlust that direct defiance of the "rules" will generate.
Re: l33t skillz
For those us who don't live in the fantasy world of gnomes, gumdrop houses and frogs with magic hats, Super Mario Brothers 3 was NOT the moment video games attainted perfection. Super Mario Dressup was a very entertaining game, but it was just another side-scrolling adventure...what about Sonic? What about Blast Processing? What about the endless lines of screaming Japanese kids who wait MONTHS outside waiting for the latest Space Channel 5 installment!


About this tile...(to keep it simple) compared to your other tiles, which are really good, this is the weak link; I think you were up late retro-gaming on this one. There is an opportunity here I must add, what if there was just a tiled quilt that just incorporated art/elements from video games? Of, course, MrScrappy could have a quilt dedicated solely to two Italian Plumbers on Acid 3, but would there be interest in that?
Re: Re: l33t skillz
So, "woody" what is your idea of video game perfection...no, wait let me guess. You sound like you've fallen prey to the foul temptation of a first person shooter. Admit it, you have "CounterStrike" tattoed on your tubby, non-strafing butt, dont you? Probably a camper or worse...a PK. Yes, thats what i think i'll call you - PK_woodydicot. Hang your head in shame. Look sad, say "d'oh".
Mad Mario Skillz
Ewww...right in the mummy/daddy button.
(Must of touched a sore spot...must be a residual effect from Baby Mario.)


Oh please...CounterStrike? No...I can safely say that I have not fallen into the trap of "Hey, I just died! Yippee! I get to wait 5 minutes before I can even play again!" I must admit though, I do love my TFC.

I digress.

Here's my thought on the video game perfection. There is none to be found yet. There are some major foulups in those who've tried to make the game perfected... Daikatana There's nothing out there where we can safely say, that's by far the most satisfying, enjoyable, action-packed, intellectually stimulating, cat's ass game I've ever had the pleasure of comparing to a blow_job. I know that's a bold statement, but I think there are better Marios, yet to come. SimMario? Mario CounterStrike? Black & White & Mario? Diablo 3 - The shit's all backed up in hell and the world needs a new hero! Sir Mario! Heh. When you pin a date and game to video game perfection, it just says to me that you've been hitting the Mad Mario Skillz button too much.

I suggest you refer yourself to:

If you wish to pursue this matter, then I'll be the dumbass and you can be the shithead.

Your Wario...

Re: Mad Mario Skillz
cat's ass, hah!

Re: Re: Mad Mario Skillz
The Cat's Ass, always is the attention grabber. [beam]
I have the Arcade Version of Asteroids from 1979 in my gameroom. That game is perfection. I will listen to no other nonsense on this subject. ;)
Yeah, I was up pretty late, and yes I was playing some eumulator games previous to doing the tile =) Basically I was working on the bottom of the tile, and just thinking it was goin' nowhere, and after looking at those boring blocks, I thought it sorta looked like an old video game. So I went back to my emulator games, picked out a game that most people would remember, took a few screenshots, and went back to my tile. I guess you can figure out the rest....but it's not complete screenshot cut and paste....I did redraw some stuff (mainly the background), and the level, as sad it is, was created by me.
So anyway, I dunno why I submitting it, but I was tired, uninspired by the tile I had to blend, and I thought it looked kinda nice, despite the obvious rip. Oddly enough, on the same day, I did a really cool tile of which I'm quite proud of =) I guess the mario tile was just one too many for me that day...
Re: Hehe...
don't worry, valacar. This is one of my personal favorite tiles, along with Root88's "Slothy Rules" tiles :)

I like it
will be interesting to see how it blends
just one more?
'nother quick question...
How can this possibly be world 7-4?! EVERYONE knows that the -4 levels are all in castles. Sheesh. And dont pretend that you folks aren't as big of nerds as me, we all know better than that.
Re: just one more?
They weren't all in castles were they? I seem to recall air ships or something in one of those games...

And yes...we're not pretending...we're all snappy dressers.
Re: Re: just one more?
I think the airships were in super mario 3...this one is taken from super mario 1 (snes allstar version, which has better graphics).