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This tile is from Mass Visualizations (Invite Only)

Comment: wtf?! which way mommy?!?
Checked out at: April 15, 2001
Checked in at: April 15, 2001
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its finally visible =]. this tile took me 10hours and gave me RSI, but for the mass visualizations quilt it's worth it. the drawing on paper looked somewhat better but I didn't have enough room so it wouldn't look good, it would even look worse. And I saw some errors in the tile the next morning when I woke up but I already checked it in. Sorry =]
Great job.
I can't even tell that the tile below yours was created by a different artist. And if it would let me vote, I would definately give it a 5.
I don't see any errors. I think it's a 5. Also, I like how you put the green light on top in the stoplight.
Perfection is a bitch
thx! =]. I really appreciate your support, especially because I worked my ass off =]

but here are the errors:
- the gray line on the right side of the highway. it should be darker.
- there is a light highlight on the tile right of me. I failed to notice that at first. so there is a little seam visible
- the way the left highway goes into the darker area, I wanted to visualize the road to turn upside down. I should have made that section slightly thicker and more visible.
- the way the road in the background skews. I didn't visualize that properly. It hit me the next morning how I should do that, but then it was 2 late. I'm missing one little line in that road.
- I think the clouds need a little more work on the right side, it's to sharp, should be more blurred.