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Comment: By amgv84 (www.megaone.com/amgv84)
By: amgv84
Checked out at: April 07, 2001
Checked in at: April 07, 2001
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hey, it blends...
amgv84, it looks like you probably have not been doing art with a serious drawing program for long (i.e. aliased edges, etc). Nice work on blending the top and left edges though, though the bottom is a little weak. However, it mostly looks like you need to spend more time with Photoshop/Painter and play around in it some more. Please note, you're always welcome to come do tiles, I'm not asking you to stop :)

Re: hey, it blends...
Yea this was my first tile - I'm new. I used Paint shop pro, i'm just not very good at that kind of thing. I'm much better at abstract designs and filters. I'm hoping to get Adobe Photoshop soon, so hopfully that will help a bit.

- amgv84