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This tile is from Finally! The new site!

Comment: Well, it's a first attempt. Spent more time getting the blend right than anything else!!!
Checked out at: March 29, 2001
Checked in at: March 29, 2001
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I guess it worked out OK. Kewl. The individual tile (not the "in context" one) above displays differently - it's darker somehow, like it's been multiplied... PerlMagick glitch?
Re: Well!
actually the difference is that the one on the left is the original PNG image, and the one on the right is the compressed jpeg.

Ironically, Tom, it looks like the tile you checked out was one of the ones that was bitten by the Imagemagick-5.2.2 transparency bug, which is why it doesn't blend on the left. That has since been fixed, but don't punish poor Tom for it :)

Re: Re: Well!
Somehow it blended pretty well on the left anyway. :)