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Comment: Houses... and stuff, 4 sided tile.. not too easy.. =)
By: ize
Checked out at: March 27, 2001
Checked in at: March 27, 2001
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Not to easy but you did a good job.
I personally hate to do the 4 sided ones.
Talk about it!
I just got a 4 sided one, it'll complete a lower chunk of the quilt. All of the tiles around it are kind of doing their own thing so it's a real nag, but I'm sure I can come up with something.. :)

I like the 1-2 sided ones better already, and I've only done 2 so far :) hehe

Re: Talk about it!
Hey, I actually prefer the 4 or 3 sided tiles... Since I´m not too handy with photoshop, I find it hard to draw a picture, for me it´s easier if I already have something to just continue with. But I have improved with my drawing skills alot since I drew my first tile..

+ I find it more fun to just blend in with 4 different tiles, if I can get that job well done I think it gives me more pleasure :) hehe...

I like this tile a whole lot. 5+ :-)
feathers :-)
me like 2. job well done. 4sided tiles are fun ey? ;)
Re: feathers :-)
The four sided ones are the best! =) .. Thanks!!