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This tile is from Newbies 25: The Hitchhikers Guide to Tiling

Comment: Uh, I did my best ><
Checked out at: May 29, 2003
Checked in at: May 29, 2003
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a few notes to take with you
Hey, I think this tile deserves a 3. This is because: A (good). The black border to your left is not your doing and you tried working around it. B (bad). You failed to give the people on your sides (3 sides!) anything interesting to work with besides a few blobs of color. C (bad). The right hand side of your tile is just black with a smear of red and a few undefined lines that end before the border.
Overall, it shows that you tried, and it's a good try. Keep practicing.
I - Chan
Oo You´re right..
Yeah, thanks for your criticism, that means a lot to me. I first wanted to draw a tree of mana, but that yellow .. well. I´m really sorry because of that black background, but I had noticed the message too late, sorry.

I know the tile is not my best, but after that I tried better [I hope at least XD]. So, thanks again, I´m going to improve my technique ^^
Re: Oo You´re right..
my bad... I made things a bit... cartoony in that tile... I do belive that is mine beside yours...
I - Chan
Re: Re: Oo You´re right..
You guess? Well XD It was really hard to think of something interesting, when I was given that border.

By the way, I like cartoons, as I make my own comics etc. Well, I´m looking forward to see your´s in it´s complete form ^.~