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This tile is from Newbies 24: We've Come a Long Way Since MS Paint...

Comment: *gee* I did it! I managed to draw a dragon *jump*
Checked out at: May 29, 2003
Checked in at: May 30, 2003
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and it's a pretty dragon too...
Nice ^^
This one looks good, too bad that you where given 4 borders, otherwise it would have been a great border to continue..

Is it just me or is this dragon inspired by my small version ;)
keep on tiling ^^
I - Chan
Okay, you got me trapped XD I really liked your dragon, that´s true ^^ I didn´t copied yours, I guess it is a mixture between chinese style and those dragons from RoLW ^^ PLUS, this is my first dragon which looks like one %D [in primary school I was used to hear that they looked sooo cute *args*].

Ah, by the way, I managed to catch the last tile, that´s why I got those 4 borders ^^