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Comment: You know the rocketman?...thats me.
Checked out at: March 26, 2001
Checked in at: March 27, 2001
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Good tile and nice blend
I like it!
That's a neat spaceship =) My favorite parts are the flames in the back and the neat stick and ball thingy =)
Re: Yep
The texture on the rocket kicks ass!
Great job. Great blending and artwork. Keep it up. Hope to see you do some work on the All-Star quilt.
dubious intellect
Is it rude to ask?
how you created this superb image? I will never tell anyone... I promise. P.S. I'm not kissing *ss or anything but I'll give you 5 points because this is beautiful.
Re: Is it rude to ask?
Here was my method for making this tile (condensed orange juice version):
The first important step in this adventure was to grab a tile, unfortunately, the demons that haunt this page thought it would be funny to give me a four-sider(yuck).
Then I stared blankly at the screen for about...oh...3 hours(we'll call that the meditation phase).
The meditation phase was then interrupted by a 4 hour meeting, which had roughly the same effect as taking a large length of rusted pipe and just whacking myself right in the head with it. Needless to say, I was in no condition to draw for the rest of the day.
The next morning, I ate a healthy breakfast of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and Almond Chicken from the night before (keep in mind, that large doses of MSG are a necessary step in the process, as you need it to slip into a coma-like state which i like to call "Left-Over Zen")
I wasted most of the rest of the morning actually working, a habit I frown upon, but sometimes cannot avoid and was therefore kept from the all-important task of tiling. Just after lunch(I had Taco Bell, but thats not a requirement...in retrospect, it was probably more of a hinderance than anything else), I planned to work the rest of the afternoon in glorious bliss.
I revisited the meditation phase again for about an hour, and was interrupted again by a meeting with the same foul beasts as the day before. Faking an episode of Tourette's syndrome, I was excused from the meeting early, with 3 or 4 precious hours left to tile.
As for the actual process of creation, to be quite honest, its a blur...but I may be able to piece it together with residual clues left in my room.
Judging by the pencils stuck in the wall, I can only assume that I sketched out a few loose, workable compositions ahead of time that would work with the tile i was given. That would also account for the chicken scratches on my desk and the brief, barely-legible ramblings which i use to try and create a story or ideal to express with my tile.
There are sunflower seeds all over the floor, so i can only imagine that i was feeding the hamsters that run my computer some extra energy food, because i knew this would be overly taxing on them (poor little guys, I don't think the big one, Trevor, will ever be the same).
Once the content is nailed down(like a coffin) its just a matter of arranging the pixels on the screen the way they are in your head. For this I generally use a combination of 3D StudioMax and photoshop.
The rocket was built in 3D...the file is still open in the program, so i can be sure of that. I then lit it according to the composition in my head, and the colors I was given. The rocket was then taken into good ol' photoshop and the painting began. There's nothing much to tell about that, though. Just a million layers and a bunch of drawin'and deletin'until its right (poor lil' Trevor). Let me know if there is any element in particular you were wondering about, i would be glad to expound on it.
Other than that i guess the only other weapon i have in my arsenal is my golden rule, for tiles and life...have fun, no matter who you may upset, confuse, injure, etc. in the process.
Meanwhile, I have another tile due in just a few hours, so I have to run to the store...Im out of sunflower seeds.
Re: Re: Is it rude to ask?
lol.... what more can I say?
hehe =)
Great description of the artistic process =P I giggled at the monitor =)
dubious intellect
Re: Re: Is it rude to ask?
Actually, I was wondering what tools/techniques you used, I could surmise that a creative process is complicated and emotional and can never be accurately conveyed. I appreciate the first-hand anecdotal evidence that faking Turet's Syndrome attacks actually can work if performed well. Thanks for answering!
Wow...somebody didn't like it. It just went from a 4.75 to a 4.4 in one vote. That means somebody voted a 2 on it. I don't care if It doesn't suit your tastes, but with a vote like that, some feedback would be appreciated. Just a thought.
Re: Hellaharsh...
My guess.

The creative process rant. And those meetings were 5 minutes...you were climbing at the walls like a caged animal right after the door closed. =)

Drugs would have best have explained the creative process and would of left you with that "cooler than cool" mystique.
Very nice.
Great job, blending all 4 edges. Very nicely done.