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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Not Sure If I Like The Way This Came Out..
Checked out at: December 31, 2002
Checked in at: December 31, 2002
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yeah...i agree
where were you going with this one?? I think that you could have done a lot more with this tile...the entire theme was changed which isn't necissarily a bad thing if you incorporate it into the whole quilt. Granted this is an interesting stand-alone picture...but remember, this is a quilt, you really need to try and give something that can be continued in your borders. Other than that, I have seen your other tiles and you have been making improvements, just keep working on trying to make something that can be blended by the neighboring tiles!!
The ideia here is to make a flowing picture, not a stand alone picture.

"Luke, Always rember the borders"
Re: Borders
Seeing that the purple/pink goes up two rows too, I don't blame you for trying to break off that color ;)
work, work, work...
Some people are naturally good at drawing and creating art; others (like me) work hard to become better.
I for one don’t think this tile deserves a negative score. (It’s –0,8 right now.)
Some pointers to the next tile you make try to make something that extends “beyond” the tile, so that the person next to you has to make an effort to blend and continue whatever you made.
I think we will se tiles that are better than this one from you, as art is something that you nurture, something that grows on you.
What I’m trying to say is, don’t be put off by the low score you get.
It’s not the score or how many points you may have that matter.
What matters is you having fun creating stuff.
Hell, all that matters is having fun.
So keep making tiles and I bet you’ll se the score rise as your skill does.
But remember rule nr. 1 in tiling. When you make something for a quilt, make something that the tiles next to your have to continue.
Keep up the work!! ;)
Re: work, work, work...
I Dont Know What The Hell Happened There, I Was Probably Thinking Of Things And Just Forgot To Finish It.. Granted I'm Not The Best Artist, lol Actually I Have No Artistic Ability, But I Am Workin On It :)