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This tile is from Newbies 19: The revenge of the auto-injector

Comment: This is the first tile I've done, I guess I'm not very good yet
Checked out at: December 10, 2002
Checked in at: December 10, 2002
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at first, THIS pic should have been in this place...but it seems the uploadscript friggin' HATES me... >:/
Re: Well...
Seems more like you need to get your files organized.
Re: Re: Well...
seems more like the automatic form filling of Internet Explorer tricked me in, but I cannot quite understand it, for I was checking the correctness of number and picture (opening it just before sending it to check the content) and only then transmitting it...strange. When it happens once, well, shit happens, but when it happens three times (with my checking twice to make SURE not to send the wrong pic) I'm more or less clueless.
Re: Re: Re: Well...
I suggest putting the completed versions in a different directory then.... like tiles\completed\230912.png