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This tile is from Mainquilters 17: The Glass Swarm and the Vivisectionist

Comment: I'm back, and really tired - hmmm
By: scythe
Checked out at: December 04, 2002
Checked in at: December 04, 2002
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Yeah, I guess this sucks.
No, it doesn't suck!
Your tile is decent, it has many qualities. It is subtle and muted, soft yet dynamic. The blending is spectacular and you've given great expression to the image by adding that corner of a mouth. I see a goat's face in there somewhere more than I see the bleeding and sliced torso! I will admit (and to my taste), you've not allowed any room for image impact, the quality of letting the theme smack the viewer in the face. Your art is subdued, you've got to hunt it out to appreciate it.
My time, like all time, is precious and I didn't take time to comment because it's a wining protocol, I stopped to comment because I liked your tile. I don't know if you expected to land a 5 on this one Judah, but I know that if you keep coming back, you'll be racking the fives up like blowflies on a shrimp boat. Oh, and also, don't be so self defeating, pal....... Eddie
Re: No, it doesn't suck!
Wow, Thanks for the reply! I have a hard time putting what is in my mind onto the screen sometimes. I think this tile is too attention drawing, as it looks like a tear or hole in the quilt, but I see what you mean. I guess practice makes perfect too, so I'll keep trying.