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Comment: When I checked it out there was white space in my upper left corner, when I checked it back in there wasn't anymore. So it probably doesn't fit very well, sorry 'bout that...
By: takkie
Checked out at: March 26, 2001
Checked in at: March 26, 2001
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It actually works well
Like the rolled paper/plastic whatever effect. What software are you using?
Re: It actually works well
I use photoshop but not the way I should. I don't use filters, effects ore textures becouse I: 1. Can't work with them (yet) 2. Want to be able to make average graphics using the basic tools. (reason 2 is just to encourage myself :))
Re: Re: It actually works well
No filters really? There is a filter in Kai's Power Tools called page curl that looks just like that. That's pretty good freehand. Most people hate filters anyway. They can be really useful if used modestly, really tacky if over done.
Re: Re: Re: It actually works well
Nice pun there (looked it up in the dictionary so I don't know if 'pun' is the right word) Root! Takkie - tacky :) And thanks for the compliment ;)