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This tile is from Newbies 18: Our Improved Flavor Might Surprise You!

Comment: More outer spacey planets and stuff...
By: Mantic
Checked out at: November 17, 2002
Checked in at: November 17, 2002
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Haha cool
I know where I'm at now! :) our tiles look good together, sweetie-pie
Damn nice =] !!
Oh I love this one !!

nice one !!

Mantic ull get a coin !
This tile looks really good, except for that little planet.. it looks like its being lit from the oposite direction, or something.. Something irisk is going on.
Isn't this a tiling cliché?
Not that the compliments and coins aren't appreciated, and thank you so much for that. But this is a pretty easy subject... a few masks and a smudge brush, maybe a blur filter, and spray some stars. Spheres are really so simple to light and shade, as well.

As for the lighting here, there are two light sources. One in the upper right from the nebulous pink stuff to create that bloom along the edge and another at the bottom left more toward the viewpoint. And that's a sphere cliché also, taken from basic illustration class day one.

The only creativity here, and it's slight, is in the 'planet' surfaces. Swirly clouds on a stormy red planet catching the light and ice areas on the foreground planet getting a 'specular' smudge of light. But absolutely anyone could do this.
Re: Isn't this a tiling cliché?
I agree. Your other tiles are much better. The smaller planet looks like a beat up penny.

The rest looks like the image from Gecky's sky tutorial turned sideways except that all your stars look the same.

Re: Re: Isn't this a tiling cliché?
Yup, pretty much the same priciple. :)

I actually did this tile thinking I would be changing it once the tile on it's left is repaired. I did want some interesting lead-outs on the other sides, but beyond that I didn't put in so much effort.
Re: Isn't this a tiling cliché?
Bah I gave you a coin since I mostly opt for realism when looking at tiles , and I like this one for the one reason it seems pretty real , oh well ....