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This tile is from Mass Visualizations (Invite Only)

Comment: I'm using my 'I coded this shit, I can draw wherever I want to, even if I'm not an all-star' exemption on this one :)
By: slothy
Checked out at: March 22, 2001
Checked in at: March 23, 2001
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man, this guy rules
This guy is the greatest artist, ever! And he sure can spin some mean code! He sure is my idol!

I agree
Never have I seen such power weilded equally across both sides of a brain.
not to be repetitive
But wow, does this guy rule. He's just awesome. I hope someday I can be as cool as him. He's awesome. And he's 23 now, too! Wow is he ever the coolest! Vanilla Ice is jealous of how cool this guy is. That's how cool he is.

And he's great, too! And charming, handsome, and fun. Words escape me he is so fantastically wonderful.

Or something.

p.s. how dare you guys stop talking on my birthday. I didn't tell you you could do that!
Happy Birthday, Slothy! Here's your horoscope for today =)

Monday, April 2, 2001
The Sun is in Aries and the Moon is going from Cancer into Leo. Your energy is increasing, but you're also very sensitive. You may feel like you're being pushed by forces beyond your control. That's just compassion you're feeling. Go with the flow.

Thanks for the amazing work on the site, you rock! =)
hehe Happy Birthday!
Your a true rennisance man (hirez artist, tile artist, ansi artist, rip artist?, coder, etc.)


How did you get a coin Slothy? You cheater!!!

Although, I guess you did make all of the current 6500+ tiles possible so that gives you about 1300 coins to play with.