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Comment: polluted by ugly colors :b
Checked out at: March 17, 2001
Checked in at: March 18, 2001
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one word
wow :)
Josh, this is a great tile. If I could still vote, you would now have 2 votes of '5' for this one. Somebody give this guy another 5!
Re: Polluted?
More than happy to oblige nauti1us. And hey, from one Josh to another: kirbyUFO, you OWN the tiles site. 'Nuff said. Keep tiling.

- - Jobi
Re: Polluted?
jeez hehe thanks :b
i made a mistake on the upper left corner though, i forgot to blend that dark swiss cheese lookin stuff over.. i was saving blending that bit for last and then by the time i had finished, my attention was totally not focused on that corner. oh well
Very Nice Work!
Great job!