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This tile is from Mainquilters 13: The Night Slothy Went Crazy

Comment: Time to do a little yardwork.
Checked out at: July 06, 2002
Checked in at: July 06, 2002
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Wish I would've done more on the upper right blend. I was hoping it might be a rare situation where just fading to black might look OK, but seeing it next to its neighboring tile, I might have been mistaken. Other than that, I really like this tile I think.
Edward Scissorarms
heh, thats a really bizarre link between the tiles there (helps to hide the fade you mentioned)

Nice to see you are still tiling :) I've been absent for quite a while and almost forgot the fun I was missing here.

Re: Edward Scissorarms
I hadn't done any tiles for the last two Mainquilts myself, but I still was watching what others were doing, and noticed that you didn't seem to be doing any tiles either. Then I saw your name on the "Tiles Checked Out" column the other day. Feels good to be back myself, and it's good to have you back tiling too.