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This tile is from Newbies 13: Tile All You Want, We'll Make More

Comment: Had some interesting stuff to work with... Don't really know where the squid came from... It appears to be rather proficient with that laser, though.
By: josa
Checked out at: June 29, 2002
Checked in at: June 29, 2002
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I was going to do this tile but...
Ugh. The top right corner was too much of a bitch. Nice work with a difficult tile though, I must say. I don't think the laser colour is matched correctly between tiles though... it seems to change a little too fast... (or maybe it just looses its aura too fast. Meh. Nice anyways.
Re: I was going to do this tile but...
Thanks- for a first tile, it's not soooo bad. But I can do better. ^_~ As for the laser, I think it matches well, considering what I had to work with. If I had seen the brighter flare in the rest of the neighbouring tile, I may have made the aura a bit stronger. As it was, I was of the mentality that the laser was fading towards that end. Whoops. ^^;