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Comment: this is for willmeyer and other peeps who do not try to make something nice. sorry but you suck.
Checked out at: March 07, 2001
Checked in at: March 07, 2001
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ofcourse I had to vote for myself silly me :o)
Re: Re: hehe!
You are not alone there. I don't understand it either :)

Question for Slothy:
hey, I was wondering why you made those buttons/images of my tiles under rating next to the number. It is handy for quick viewing of my tiles but why the hell is it so small? I need a magnifying glass if I want to click on it. Make it 5x5 or something like that.
Re: Question for Slothy:
'twas nothing more than a bug. I just fixed it. The problem was I was looking for a variable that wasn't defined, and so it was doing "... WIDTH= HEIGHT= ..." and some browsers (no names here) decided that meant WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1. It looked fine in my browsers, which is why it went unfixed for so long. My apologies.

Re: Re: Question for Slothy:
apology accepted :)
its fine now!
If it is not too difficult to code, perhaps you could allow the artists to delete their own tiles if, after the tile appears in the quilt, it is clear even to the contributor that the tile is... crap. I can think of a couple of my own contributions that I would have liked to remove after getting a chance to see them in the quilt. They just didn't work. Those tiles could then be checked out to someone else. Also - I think that this public project is a wonderful opportunity and I have really enjoyed participating in it. Thank you, ice, for providing the wall for us all to draw on.
Re: Self-evaluation
I could add in something to let you delete your own tiles. What do others think? Is this something you want?

Re: Re: Self-evaluation
I'd like the option of deleting my own tiles.

On the last quilt, there were a few occasions where I would check out a tile with one or two sides on it, and by the time I checked it in, the other sides were "filled" causing my tile to not blend at all on those sides. I would love the opportunity to go back and fix those errors if possible. (why was that happening anyway?)

However, this would have to be a VERY secure feature as tiles could be wantonly destroyed by persons other than their creators.

Re: Re: Re: Self-evaluation
naah, I'd make sure only the original artist could do it.

As for the edge bug, my apologies. I had written code to prevent that, but I guess there was probably one case that it missed. I hope it's not happening with this new code (since there is not a single line of code shared between the old site and the new site). Let me know if you see it happen on any tiles.

It would also be possible to let artists check out their tiles again and "fix them up", but I'm not sure I want to allow that. That seems like it's just asking for trouble (i.e. get a really high score, then go back and change it to look terrible and/or insult someone else, etc.).

There will be other quilt types, like organized collaboration, where it will be acceptable for anyone to check out someone else's tile and work on it. However, that code isn't very close to done.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Self-evaluation
I too like the idea of being able to delete my own tiles. However this option should only be open in the first four five days after checking a tile in. This for preventing any ugly holes in the middle of a large quilt.