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Comment: Dedicated to WillMeyer... Who taught me "Quantity over Quality."
Checked out at: March 05, 2001
Checked in at: March 05, 2001
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great tile mrbeefy! I was wondering when someone was gonna do something like that =)

- Valacar

Quantity over quality
I'm mainly using tiles to improve my Photoshop skills. So you might imagine that I'm only learning everything yet. If you go to school like me besides painting tiles, you'll know you can't spend the whole 24 hours given on a tile, so the maximum actual amount of time spent for a tile is about 30 min to 1,5h. If you think my tiles have a lack of content, i'd like to remind you what the webmaster said about 1000 tiles containing an individual picture and one big community picture. Such tiles, which are just blending other tiles and have no content usually don't take very much time for me. And if you look at some tiles quite on top or on the bottom you might notice that i was also giving a little concept for a bigger pic with my tiles. to achieve this, I MUST have done many tiles in a shorter time. I admit that there are a few tiles by me which don't blend in very well, but in my opinion the majority of them is not too bad.
(btw: Another reason for "teaching you 'quantity over quality'" was that i noticed that everytime i had as much tiles as you had, you painted another one. so i thought if i do 5, you'll maybe do 5, too ;)

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Re: Quantity over quality
Well, thanks for using our "tiles" as a playpen to improve your Photoshop skills. Nothing says good art like learning how to operate your paintbrush whilst defacing the paintings in a museum.

Fact of the matter is, you make shitty tiles. I don't care how much time you spend on them. Whether you spent 30 minutes to 26 hours doesn't change the fact that they make the tiles project look ghetto.

Andy Warhol made art into mass commerce and he cranked it out at a pretty good clip. I guess that helps you justify smearing the edges of your tiles so you can get one more tile up there and make it to the top of the contributors list. I can't see any other reason for you to submit such rubbish. Maybe it's because you don't have an internal mechanism to tell yourself what is good enough to be submitted and what should be left behind.

I don't think anyone was really focusing on your lack of "content" so much as your lack of taste. Do you find Moses' tiles examples of good tiling and an inspiration?

You mention that "i noticed that everytime i had as much tiles as you had, you painted another one..." (Am I not allowed to continue making tiles because you were?) This makes it even more clear that you only saw "tiles" as a race. By doing so, you managed to bring down the "property value" of our little neighborhood by changing your trailer-trash Camaro's oil right on all of our front lawns. It was not cool, and really turned some talented artists off from contributing.

Are you getting any of this, or is it not making any sense to you?
Am I being unfair?
Do you disagree that you chose "Quantity over Quality?"
Because that was my whole point.
But for some reason want to argue about it.
You said in your own message that you were only practicing a program, and were admittedly turning in tiles that shouldn't have been, so what are you going on about?

Please, don't do this shit anymore.
If you continue to make tiles, use your brain, use your heart, and have respect for the others who view tiles.ice.org as something special.

Re: Re: Quantity over quality
If you call my tiles "shitty", have you been looking at all 42 (or how much it were) or did you just have a look at the 5 ugliest ones? Generally, if you're such a good artist and human, how can you tell me in a that rude way how bad I should be? They should throw you off for that things.
When you're talking about ugly tiles, then start at yourself (or do you think e.g. the "shit cannon" or that weird "mushroom" looks any better than my tiles? You can say that these ones have also a lack of taste (altough I like some of your other tiles very much).
In General, taste seems to have to do what it's name says... taste. and taste is different for quite any human.
I admit that i considered it a little bit as a race in the end, but it was all going so slow, you know.... why didn't you continue painting? it was great fun...
Smearing edges: There are other people wo smear uglier than me. I also use mirroring, clone brush, etc. to compensate the ugly look. And there are _many_ tiles by me which are blended quite good, and _many_ other tiles by other artists which _aren't_ blended very good or not blended at all.

And I used my brain and my hard in at least 80% of my tiles.
Re: Re: Re: Quantity over quality
And I used my brain and my heart in at least 80% of my tiles, i mean.

BTW: Who says that only proficient painters with a university degree or something can join tiles?

Re: Re: Quantity over quality
I agree on most of these matters. It seemed that most ppl would take their tile, and just smear the edges and put any picture they could find in the middle. This dose not adds to the whole landscape, but Ends a flowing theme and creates a singular image in the middle of a larger painting. Take a look at the 2ed tiles painting and you will see 3 or 4 very good instances of 5 or more tiles blending to create a whole image that blends and changes as it grows. When ppl do not "TRY" and just throw up anything they have 15 min to slap into a psd, it takes away from the hours and hours some of us put into making this a rare, strange and beautiful thing (a Lollapalooza). If you’re more interested in getting your name on top of a list than making good quality art, this is not the forum for you.

On that note, I think the ratings need to be changed. Don’t rate on a point’s value, just rate with comments. You could see that ppl were posting up as many tiles as they could just to be on the top of the list. Now that were going to ratings, some ppl are giving everyone -5 ratings so they can once again "get to the top of the list". On this honor system method, I can see how these "Quantity not Quality" are once again ruining a good concept.

I am new to the computer graphics industry but have been an artist for most of my adult life. I host web sites for a living and see crap graphics on crap web sites all day. Once in a while I see ppl that put heart into their work and those are the kind of ppl that should be adding to the quilt.

Please rate my tiles, and give me honest ratings and comments. Seeing as im still learning PhotoShop, I can use all the input I can get. I do learn from highly constructive criticism. I am also a victim of someone going into my tiles, and giving them all a -5, with no comments. I have showed this quilt to some the graphic design firms I work with and what you post can help you.

Last, Much love to tiles, and all of Ice.orgs members. Keep up the good work.

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