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This tile is from Newbies 7: Showing the Mainquilters How It Is Done

Comment: First tile ever
Checked out at: February 02, 2002
Checked in at: February 02, 2002
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I think it went alright
I havn't tried digital art since around '94, and I was only ever got at ansi, so I think this is pretty good for my first shot.

Too bad nobody gets my worm to work off of :(

Don't be kind, tell me where I went wrong.... (was kinda blank for ideas...)
I'll begin with writing things that are good to put in you in good mood, and state my objectivity about this. Then I'll write the things you could have done better...

It was nice a good blend. You used every component of your border and did not make any lines or anything.

It was good you continued the boubble from below, it makes the whole quilt flow better when you do that kind of things..

It was good you noticed even that tiny shade of extra light at the right bottom. Some people miss them, and then it looks stupid.

The continuance of the fish looks good.

Now. what you could have done better.......

1) Texture. Even tho the above tile was very smooth, I get the feeling you're trying to simulate dirt. Dirt is seldom very smooth, and if it is, it doesn't really look that real. Now, you can't start a texture immideatly here since you gotta blend, but you can slowly introduce a very subtle texture to the surface. Some kinds of cracks would be appropriate I think.

2) The worm. The worm looks like it's not _in_ the picture. It looks like it's floating somewhere above. Try putting a shadow beneath it. Even if the lightsource should prevent it from having a shadow, put a very small shadow just to get the "feeling"..Also, I think it need some extra contrast and generally a darker color... If it is supposed to look like it comes out of a hole and the whole scene is underwater - then I suggest adding some more blue on top of it and making the area that is "in the hole" fade to black...

3) If it indeed is an underwater scene... add some seaweed or something to the top rock formation... and maybe even some dust falling through the water... and some shades of the water too...

now.. most of these suggestions where pretty scene-specifics, but I guess you can extract abstract ideas from it.. hope this helps some... It's pretty good for a first tile, and damn good for a first try at digital art...

(phew. this took some time to write)

regards. Oskar "Primal Rage" Holmstrand
Re: suggestions...
Thanks for your suggestions!

Yea, the lil' worm was pretty weak, and now that I look at it a day later, I can see how it seems "on" the picture instead of in it. the water seems to be behind the worm instead of around it, and the little hole I drew dosn't show up because of how dark the dirt is.

I kinda just threw it in there to put something in the edge, thinking that my tile would border another. It's not much, but at least it wasn't just blue space...

The dirt I drew first, and I was trying really hard to make it look the same as the tile above. I didn't feel that I had enough room to make it textured without making the blend look forced. But again, after looking at it a day later, I could have been more aggressive and changed the texture.

I don't like the line between the dirt and the water anymore either. It's too smooth. dosn't look right.

But I still think it's a good first try :)